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Wallis Shipping Celebrates 35 Years Of Operation

Global freight cargo management company Wallis Shipping is celebrating 35 years in the business. Established in 1987, the Colchester-based shipping and logistics company has managed over 250,000 shipments across the world, including transporting Easter eggs to Australia, a James Bond submarine to a film set, parts sent to NASA for the international space station and shipping windfarm equipment to Australia.

Over the last 35 years, Wallis Shipping has created its own shipping tracking software, pushed through Brexit and the Covid-19 epidemic, has grown to a team of 35 working across four locations, and is now aiming to become net zero by 2050.

Stuart Gregory, Managing Director of Wallis Shipping said: “This is an incredible milestone. To look back and realise how many people we have employed over the years and how many customers we have helped is amazing. 35 years has passed really quickly and we look forward to helping customers and employing more people for years to come.”

Stuart runs Wallis Shipping alongside wife Sue Gregory, Operations Director and daughter Jenna Morgan, Commercial Director from Langham Barns on the Suffolk-Essex border. The company also has hubs in Rugby, London and Slough.

Stuart and Sue established Wallis Shipping in 1987 after their then boss, Clive Wallis, died. They decided to name the company in honour of Clive.

Jenna, who is spearheading the green scheme at Wallis Shipping, added: “35 years on, and the economy and environmental agenda has changed significantly. The world is a different place. We have already put in place several initiatives to reduce our business impact including hybrid working, a paperless office, electric vehicles, and a reforestation scheme with the Woodland Trust, but there is more to be done. Our strapline is ‘making a world of difference’. Not only do we look to do that with our customer service but also with the planet. I look forward to championing our environmental work over the next 35 years and beyond.”

Aside from the wild, wonderful and unusual, the work that Wallis Shipping does helps people and makes a difference. Whether that be introducing grassroot start-ups to the world of overseas trade or exporting cargo to help relief efforts in Ukraine, earthquake areas, and disadvantaged children with the Lord’s Taverners Charity.

Wallis Shipping looks after exports, imports, and cross trades all around the world across sea, air, and road and offers specialisms in global events and exhibitions.

It works with a range of customers in industries such as food and drink, humanitarian aid, energy and renewables, machinery and specialist vehicles, construction and engineering. For more information about the work of Wallis Shipping please visit www.wssl.co.uk

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