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Arnold Clark Unveils New Innovation Centre In England

Our second Innovation Centre has opened at our Stafford Motorstore and is ready to welcome visitors.

The Stafford Innovation Centre is an educational space dedicated to alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and exciting new car technologies. Arnold Clark’s commitment to a net zero carbon future resulted in the company investing over £5 million into the creation of our first non-retail showroom in Glasgow’s West End.

The first Arnold Clark Innovation Centre opened in August 2021, where the focus isn’t on selling, but helping to educate our customers about the changes to the automotive industry.

Everyone knows how important AFVs are to our environmental future, and we’ve designed our Innovation Centres to answer any potential questions motorists may have about the future of transport.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to electric, a team of alternative fuel experts, known as ‘innovation geniuses’, will be on hand at the Stafford Innovation Centre to answer any of your burning questions.

They can provide clarity on areas such as range anxiety, charging processes, the latest government grants and much more. For those thinking of switching to AFVs for their company, a business specialist will also be on site to help them make the most informed choice.

The Stafford Innovation Centre, open seven days a week, will showcase a wide range of electric vehicles from a host of top manufacturers which visitors can book to test-drive and try out for themselves. It also has several different interactive kiosks and displays where customers can learn about the future of the automotive industry.

Arnold Clark Chief Executive and Group Managing Director Eddie Hawthorne said: ‘Innovation is at the heart of everything we do – that’s why we’ve remained at the forefront of the automotive industry for over 60 years.

‘Currently, only around 4% of all new car sales are AFVs. Of course, that number would be higher already but for the recent supply issues in the industry. However, the number of EV drivers will continue to grow, and we want to make sure we’re here to guide them on their journey.”

‘We invested well over £5 million in the Innovation Centre in Glasgow, and I’ve been delighted with its success and how well it’s been received. It’s not a site we are selling anything from. It’s specifically an innovation, information and educational centre and it will be the same in Stafford.’


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