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Proud British Family Business Campaign Launched

Here at Family Business United we are always looking for ways to celebrate and champion the family business sector across the UK.  We are delighted to be able to launch the new #ProudBritishFAMILYBUSINESS campaign to continue to recognise the importance of family businesses across the UK.

A campaign pack has been created that includes a customisable news piece, badge for use on websites and marketing collateral, and banners for use on social media for those supporting the campaign.

Family Business United is a community of family businesses from all corners of the UK which collectively celebrate being a family business as part of their identity and their narrative which drives their ambition and purpose.  We encounter so much pride and passion from family business members each and every day and wanted to create a campaign that works for them all, irrespective of size, sector, region or age.

As Paul Andrews, Founder & CEO of Family Business United explains, “Family businesses are passionate about what they do, their history and heritage and the journey that continues.  They want to flourish for generations to come and many seek solely to pass the business on to the next generation in a better state than it was when they took it on.  Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of what they do as they seek to remain relevant for the world in which they operate today, and to remain so for the future.  There is so much pride in all that they do that we have created this campaign to recognise their endeavours.”

“We are asking family businesses across the UK to get behind the campaign and help us to continue to amplify the family business voice and encourage more recognition for the sector.  There are more than 6 million family firms across the UK today and they all deserve to be recognised for what they do, day in and day out.  This campaign is for them all.”

Family firms signing up to this campaign will receive:

  • The exclusive campaign logo to use on their websites and marketing collateral
  • Banner for use on social media posts
  • Campaign pack to include a news story that can be tailored with customised comments
  • Suggested social media posts
  • Engagement on social media using the campaign hashtag #ProudBritishFAMILYBUSINESS
  • Profile and support from the team at Family Business United

Anyone wishing to receive the campaign pack is asked to make a donation to support our endeavours on behalf of the sector and a campaign pack will then be sent out to enable full participation.

Find out more and sign up to receive a campaign pack here

As Paul concludes, “We are constantly seeking to raise the bar for the family business community across the UK and this latest campaign will really help to put family businesses on the map and help to amplify the collective family business voice.  We love what we do and it is a pleasure to champion such a vibrant sector and we are looking forward to seeing the impact of the #ProudBritishFAMILYBUSINESS campaign and engaging with all the businesses that get involved.”

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