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National Family Business Day Ambassadors

As in previous years, in the run up to National Family Business Day on September 23, we will be highlighting a number of family business representatives as ambassadors.  They will be joining us to celebrate the contribution of family firms across the nation and explaining their reasons as to why these celebrations are so important.

Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy and it is important to continue to recognise the contribution they make on a daily basis.  As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United explains, “We created National Family Business Day to recognise the importance of family firms in terms of employment, income generated and wealth created, not to mention the incredible impact these firms have on the communities in which they are based.  Each year the day gets bigger with plenty of engagement on social media, pride, passion, heritage and ambition on display for all to see, and the community comes together as one to celebrate and truly amplify the family business voice.”

“Each of our ambassadors represents a family business and has their own narrative, and National Family Business Day provides a voice for them all, irrespective of their age, their size, or the sector in which they operate.  It really is a day that celebrates the very essence of British business, family firms at the heart of communities across the UK, and an opportunity for us all to stop, listen to their stories and appreciate the impact that they have.  It is an honour to champion such a diverse and vibrant sector and we look forward to shine the light on Britain’s family firms too,” concludes Paul.

Joyce Onuonga, Managing Director of John White & Son, Scotland’s oldest family business dating back to 1715 and based in Auchtermuchty is one of the first ambassadors for 2022.

As Joyce explains, “JWS is honoured to be an ambassador for family businesses on National Family Business Day.  We are Scotland’s oldest family business and together with family run businesses across the UK form the engine room of the UK economy.  On September 23, we look forward to celebrating the invaluable contribution that all family firms make across the UK, each and every day.”

Keep up to date with all of the latest news around National Family Business Day by following @familybizpaul on twitter and following the hashtag, #GBFamilyBizDay on social media channels.

FBU is looking for as many family businesses to get involved in the campaign as possible and if you are interested in becoming an ambassador, drop us a line or contact us and we will be in touch.

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