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Knights’ Committed To Net Zero

Steve Knight talks about Knights’ commitment to Net Zero and the practical steps the company is taking to get there and is clear in their objective.  As Steve explains,  “Net Zero: the more I learn, the more I’m driven to act.”

As Steve continues, “It’s easy to say you’re in favour of Net Zero. It’s what your customers and the wider public want to hear. Increasingly, it’s what your suppliers want too. Take your business head off for a moment and you know, simply as a member of the human race – one of the billions on the planet – that we need to act. But how do we make it happen?”

“I didn’t want Knights to be one of those businesses paying lip service to the issues, so I signed up to discover more. I’ve joined a programme of workshops which runs over seven weeks, and I’m very glad I did,” continues Steve.

The Journey to Net Zero Initiative that he took part in is aimed at SMEs in the Greater Manchester area and is perfect for a business like Knights. Each week, Steve joined fellow business leaders to learn what can be done.

As Steve explains, “I must admit that my eyes have been opened. While some aspects we need to tackle are more straightforward than I feared, others are more complex. We’re looking into issues ranging from greenwashing to the challenges of measuring your carbon footprint in this complex global economy. Supported by professionals with a huge breadth of expertise, my understanding has grown enormously.”

While the knowledge is more than welcome, the project is far more than a talking shop. It aims to equip its participants with a strategic plan to reach the Net Zero goal. While this target is ambitious, it is achievable. But all of the participants have got a business to run so assessments need to be accurate, and actions need to be both relevant and practical.

As well as the workshops, the scheme gives me access to one-to-one advice that’s proving invaluable. It’s business focused. As Steve adds, “Along with cutting Knights’ carbon footprint, we’re looking into ways of minimising risk, maximising opportunities and reducing costs too. I believe that Net Zero is good for our company, its stakeholders and the planet.”

“We’re not simply talking about Net Zero. We’re implementing it: introducing recycled clothing ranges, cutting packaging, installing strip curtains behind our roller shutter doors and shifting to hybrid vehicles and much more. Step by step. Following the plan.  We can and will deliver on the Knights’ Net Zero strategy,” concludes Steve.

Steve Knight has been on the Journey to Net Zero with the GC Business Growth Hub based in Manchester. For more information visit the Growth Hub website here


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