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EMR & Midlands Adaptive Boxing Organisation Boosts Youth Health

EMR Darlaston, based on Bentley Road South, has reaffirmed its partnership with Midlands Adaptive Boxing Organisation in a drive to improve the physical health of young people.

Founded in 2021, Midlands Adaptive Boxing Organisation runs its clubs from Darlaston Town Hall and aims to offer fitness outlets for young people who do not have access to gyms. In offering support for both bullied and vulnerable young people as well as those with behavioural issues, these activities aim to build their confidence, improve their self-awareness and boost their social skills.

EMR Darlaston, which had previously supported the organisations Strong Body Strong Mind pilot, has donated £2,310 to enable 20 young people, between the ages of 11 and 18, to take part in the eight week boxing programme.

Lisa Delaney, Operations Manager at EMR Darlaston, commented on the partnership: “Having worked with the Midlands Adaptive Boxing Organisation for a number of years, we appreciate the difference their programmes have on young people’s physical and mental health.”

“Having lived through a turbulent period, young people are impacted by mental health issues which are both beyond their years and ultimately they don’t have the ability to cope with. The boxing classes that Craig and the team run give young people an outlet and help them to develop coping mechanisms to deal with these issues.”

EMR’s Young Futures Reimagined initiative was launched in 2020 and aims to support young people across the country to build bright futures.

Craig Adams of Midlands Adaptive Boxing Organisation explained the difference EMR’s donation would make: “We’re very happy to be offered continued support from EMR Darlaston. The sponsorship will go a long way in helping the vulnerable youths of our community in getting fit, healthy and happy.”

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