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Steenbergs Achieves Rigorous B Corp Certification

Steenbergs is very pleased to join the 700+ UK businesses certified as B Corp: companies who choose voluntarily to be held accountable to higher standards of social and environmental performance and who use busines as a force for good. This covers both the Steenbergs and Old Hamlet Wine & Spice Brands.

“Steenbergs has always always been working to its own set of higher values,” says Axel Steenberg, who founded the company with his wife Sophie, “so we were attracted by the idea of getting our approach validated as being genuinely good and demonstrably better for the world. We submitted our application back in December 2019, but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the whole process became somewhat delayed. But we’re there now.”

Since it was founded in 2003, Steenbergs has always been committed to people, the environment, and the planet. It achieved its goal of becoming carbon neutral in 2020 (5 years early) but continues to tackle climate change on all levels, with initiatives such as plastic free and fully recyclable packaging and an eco-factory fitted with solar panels, rainwater harvester and a living roof, to name but a few. To mitigate any further carbon costs, Steenbergs has also purchased a 50-acre area of woodland in rural Wales with over 50,000 mixed native trees and the ability to capture 18,000 tonnes of carbon.

Further plans to improve on the excellent B Corp score include tracking the extra prices paid for Fairtrade goods, many of which are still sourced from the same organic growers Steenbergs used when pioneering the UK’s first Fairtrade spices.

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