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One Family Firm Serving Their Community For Over 100 Years

Take a look at the insight into G. Seller, a family that sees itself at the heart of the community, priding itself in its family roots and traditions, the firm and its team are a ‘family’ serving other families in their times of need. They were one of the family firms visited as part of the 2022 Family Business Road Trip.

The company ethos, espoused by third generation Managing Director, Joseph Barsby, of care and compassion is often at the expense of rampant commercialism, whilst yet remaining ambitiously at the
forefront of funeral care and facilities.

Where does the company sit in the history of an honourable profession of dealing with the families loved
one’s that have passed away? Where does it sit in the history of a place like Hinckley? How did it come into
existence over 100 years ago? How has it progressed and served the community in the intervening years and where does it see itself in the future?

Take a look and see for yourself the journey of over 100 years of one family and their quest to constantly exceed expectations when serving families at their time of need.

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