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Lindores Abbey Wins Double

Lindores Abbey Distillery has achieved top results in two of the most lauded spirit competitions in the world in the space of three weeks.

MCDXCIV (1494) is the Lindores Abbey Distillery core release and was entered in both the San Francisco World Sprits Competition and the IWSC spirit awards to huge acclaim. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition awarded Lindores a Double Gold medal, an award only presented to spirits that receive a gold medal rating by every member of the extensive panel of expert judges.

The IWSC awarded a Gold Outstanding medal, with a staggering score of 98/100, describing the whisky as “fruit and sweetly fragrant, well-rounded and complex.” Spirits of this quality are described by the IWSC as outstanding, with a naturally exceptional balance and power.

Drew McKenzie Smith, Founder and MD of Lindores Abbey Distillery, commented: “The whole team is blown away by these results. These competitions are extraordinarily tough, and to have our young spirit acknowledged as a world-beater is something we only dreamed of achieving. It is awards like this that make us feel we are doing Friar John Cor proud!”

Lorena Baez Subiabre, Product Development at Lindores, commented: “These results are truly exceptional, and make us feel that we are being recognised for producing a truly great quality Scotch whisky, with an outstanding flavour profile. For our first release and such a new distillery, this is a dream come true!”

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