Perrywood Plant For Hope & The Environment

Perrywood Garden Centre have chosen ‘Plant Hope’ as their in store theme this year. They recognise that we are all becoming much more conscious of the importance of protecting our environment, and aim to help customers find little ways to shop and garden more sustainably to help change for a better future.

As part of the Plant Hope campaign, Perrywood recently asked customers to complete a survey titled ‘How Sustainable are You?’ The survey received well over 600 responses, which on review showed some very interesting and positive results.

The survey asked a number of shopping and gardening related questions such as ‘Have you tried peat-free compost?’ to ‘Do you grow your own fruit and vegetables?’ and ‘Do you take your own bag when shopping at Perrywood?’

Customers were also given the opportunity to answer the question “is there anything you’d like us to do, to help you become more sustainable?”

The survey highlighted that:

  • Nearly 70% of Perrywood customers have already switched to peat-free compost or would love to give it a try. (Historically peat was the main ingredient of most composts, it’s extraction is very detrimental to the environment).
  • 62% of customers have a water butt and use it to water their plants, which helps to conserve precious water supplies.
  • Over 50% of customers have tried growing their own vegetables and find eating and sharing the harvest rewarding.

Senior Communications Manager, explains “We are delighted with the fantastic response, this enables us to get an accurate view of how sustainable our customers are and, more importantly, identify which areas we can focus on to help improve this in the future. The survey results were very positive; we feel optimistic that our ‘Plant Hope’ campaign is succeeding in helping our customers find little ways to shop and garden more sustainably.”

“A simple way for many of us to start at home is to think about little ways we can be more sustainable in the garden. Gardening provides a brilliant boost to our mental health too, so it’s a positive all round.”

To read the full results, visit the Perrywood website here

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