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Manchester Branch Of Family Business Celebrates 20 Years

To be a multi-service contractor that provides a manned 24 call out service nationwide, you have to have the infrastructure and offices nationwide to support this. And at HF, they have just that.  From their early days in Glasgow, they have continued to branch out, adding offices in Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast and Aberdeen.

In December 2021, the Aberdeen branch celebrated their 10 year anniversary and now, as we enter the beginning of February, the Manchester branch gets to take the limelight as they celebrate 20 years since they first open their doors and helped HF expand their reach into England.

What makes this anniversary even sweeter is that the man entrusted with opening and running the Manchester branch is still there. A testament to the family culture at HF.

“I still remember when we first opened up for business in the Manchester branch. We had acquired a small office in Moston Manchester which we were sharing with some of the HF Comms team, we only had one job on our books and too many engineers with not enough work to do. But this was all about the long game. We were here to stay,” explains Philip Belcher, the HF Branch Manager in Manchester.

“It took a lot of phone calls, meetings and running around to build up some real momentum but in no time, we were moving out of our original Moston office and into what is still out current location in Bredbury. At the time, it was a huge space to take up as we were still a small branch compared to the other HF offices but we are now rapidly outgrowing the space as we continue to expand our presence in the Midlands.”

“Looking back over the last 20 years, there have been so many good days. A few trying times as well, but we have always had tremendous support from our Glasgow and Edinburgh branches back up north who helped us balance the workload when tough deadlines needed to be met.”

“We want to say a massive thank you to all of our clients through the years who first saw the values that a multi service contractor could offer and have stuck with us ever since. Our continued growth and success is down to their faith in us to get the job done,” concludes Philip.

We have had a great first twenty years. Looking forward to the future and what it brings.”

The Manchester branch, like those in Edinburgh, Belfast and Aberdeen provides domestic and commercial customers with Electrical, Mechanical and Fire & Security services ranging from electrical installations all the way to next generation biometric security systems.

As the country pushes forwards towards net-zero, the Manchester office has likewise, moved into the Green Energy services sector with qualified and certified EV Charging installers that are able to fit vital new EV charging systems required for the wave of new Electric vehicles that are finding their way onto the nations roads.

Nothing stands still for long at HF and after two decades of reactive and planned installations, maintenance, repairs and servicing, they continue to lead the way in next-generation technologies; and all with a family continuity at management level which is rarely seen. Faced with today’s business challenges – recessions, pandemics, takeovers and mergers, this is testament to HF’s truly outstanding approach.

Here is to the last 20 years and to the next 20 years that lie ahead…

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