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STANDING TALL, The Small Family Business Campaign

Family Business United (‘FBU’) is delighted to launch a brand new campaign to support the millions of smaller family businesses around the world.  All too often smaller family firms are ‘dismissed’ due to their size or ‘lifestyle nature’ but in regular discussions with some of the leading experts in the field of family business, it is readily apparent that ALL family businesses matter, including smaller ones.

Like some of the larger, often quoted multi-generational, larger family businesses that are commonly quoted and referenced, many smaller family firms have been around for generations and over the years have become the very hub of their high street, town or village community.  Many are also intrinsically linked to the place in which they were founded, and for many where they remain in operation today.

FBU has listened, although in reality has been championing family firms or all sectors and sizes for many years, and as Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of FBU explains, launched this campaign to give them the recognition they deserve at a time when they are as important as ever as the world looks to put the pandemic behind us and economies seek to recover.

“The past couple of years have been incredibly difficult for many businesses yet many small family firms have stepped up and made as much of an impact as the larger businesses in their communities.  We wanted to celebrate their contribution and encourage more of them to share their stories to add to the wealth of positivity that surrounds the sector.  All too often the headlines are filled with the issues and challenges facing the larger, wealthier families in business but we now want to shine a light with our ‘Standing Tall’ campaign and recognise the importance of smaller family firms too.”

Taking part is simple.  Family firms simply need to complete the online form, answering a few standard questions with anecdotes and stories from their journey to date, upload some images to accompany the piece and then the team at Family Business United with do the rest.  Find out more and complete the form here.

As Paul adds, “We are encouraging our global network to support the campaign by sharing the link with some of their smaller family business clients, as well as encouraging larger family firms that have a media team to share their press releases and their story too.  The more stories that we can publish and share, the more we can amplify the voice for all family firms because collectively ALL family firms matter.  In addition, smaller family firms often reflect the very essence and values of family business as a whole and we want to celebrate this too.”

“FBU prides itself on breaking down barriers and dispelling myths about the family business sector and this latest campaign seeks to do just that – by recognising the significant contribution that family firms of all sizes continue to make, enhancing lives and supporting communities, each and every day,” concludes Paul.

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