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Research – Recognising The Importance Of Social Health

There is often a lot of public debate associated with the importance of better health and wellbeing that focuses on individuals’ physical health and mental health.

Physical health and mental health are either considered independently through discussions with public and government bodies, charities and community interest groups, healthcare professionals and academics in the field of health and social sciences.

Although there is a body of research that has been conducted for decades associated with social health, in public debates and discussions, social health is less talked about or seen; it may be considered as a ‘poor relation’ with a quieter voice than that of physical and mental health when it comes to discussions linked to overall health and wellbeing. However, it should not be, and it is not the case among researchers and practitioners in the fields of health and social care.

Games to Get Ltd worked with the University Enterprise Zone (UEZ) at Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire, to conduct an independent piece of research relating to social health and the findings are contained within the report below.

As Mark Evans, CEO of family business Games to Get Ltd explains, “As a family firm our mission is to support people’s social health – a person’s ability to form strong healthy relationships with other people. Not many people know social health is a thing, even though we’re all social detectives at heart. So we conducted some research with the University of Hertfordshire.”

“It shows that social health is just as important for wellbeing as physical and mental health, something that has really come to the fore in the past couple of years with the pandemic and something that more and more businesses are beginning to add to their agenda as it is integral to the health and wellbeing of their employees,” Mark adds.

Check out the findings in the report below:

UEZ-Games to Get Social Health Research Report

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