Disruptive Philanthropists Shaping The Future Of Tomorrow

For centuries, the philanthropic activities of the wealthy have played an important role in societies around the world. This becomes even more important in economically and socially challenging times. The pre-COVID-19 world saw increased public interest in personal wealth, wealth equality and, by extension, the philanthropic activities of the wealthy.

As the world transitions to the new normal and societies seek to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, the desire among many of the wealthy to create impact and leave lasting legacies in their communities and beyond remains. We are seeing the emergence of a new wave of modern philanthropists, adopting innovative approaches to philanthropy.

During 2021, KPMG’s Family Office & Private Client conducted surveys and in-depth interviews with select philanthropists around the world to uncover how they support various causes, the approaches they adopt as well as their successes and lessons they have learned along their journeys.

This report provides insight into different ways wealthy individuals are approaching giving. Some of the themes covered include what drives this new wave of philanthropists and how they collaborate; the strategies and structures behind their activity; the impact on both those that benefit from their activity and those who give and the role philanthropy can play in bringing families closer together.

The report showcases what a select number of wealthy individuals around the world are doing in the philanthropic space and shares lessons and insights from them, which may help others seeking to maximize their impact through philanthropic activity.


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