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Perdue Salutes Ohio Healthcare Heroes

Perdue Farms delivered boxes of chicken to more than 450 healthcare workers and staff at Ohio County Healthcare in Hartford, Ky., in appreciation for their ongoing efforts to keep our neighbours and communities safe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Perdue associates from the company’s operation in Cromwell, Ky., provided Ohio County Healthcare employees with 15-pound boxes full of frozen PERDUE® no-antibiotics-ever chicken and used the opportunity to thank the workers for their essential work and sacrifice. The event was part of the Company’s “Delivering Hope To Our Neighbours®” initiative focused on improving quality of life and building strong communities where Perdue associates live and work.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated the heroic efforts of so many people in our communities, including first responders, healthcare and other essential workers on the front lines, including Perdue associates who have helped keep America fed,” said Kyla Dockery, Perdue complex human resources manager in Cromwell. “We are eternally grateful, today and every day, for the healthcare heroes across the country and right here in Ohio County who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe and healthy.”

CeCelia Robinson, community relations director for Ohio County Healthcare, said the gesture from Perdue is appreciated and a good morale boost for their staff.

“Ohio County Healthcare and Perdue have a 25-year partnership in caring for the health of the community, as well as, the Cromwell location employees,” said Robinson. “During the COVID pandemic, OCH was able to come on-site to test, treat, and vaccinate the Perdue employee base. This gesture of generosity to the OCH staff is a true hallmark of neighbour caring for neighbour.”

Hospitals and healthcare systems across the U.S. have been on the frontlines in the battle against coronavirus, including the healthcare professionals on staff at Perdue’s network of onsite Wellness Centres at the company’s major facilities. Most of Perdue’s on-site Wellness Centres include fully equipped doctor’s offices staffed by healthcare providers from the community, providing associates and their dependents access to primary care. The company’s Wellness Centre in Cromwell is staffed by healthcare professionals from Ohio County Healthcare and Perdue.

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