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Managing Power In Family Business With Guillermo Salazar

Join us with Guillermo Salazar as he analyses the successful management of power in a family business, especially during the critical moments such as family or business leadership transitions that affect their stability and control.

He will also examine differentiation between power and authority, levels of complexity, balancing points of the governance bodies and the rules in the game of power.

Guillermo is an expert on corporate governance, and the strategic planning of succession and family patrimony. He has served as advisor for numerous business families on their protocols, generational transition, alignment of family vision and values for decision-making, and conflict resolution.

He is also the author of the books “Family Businesses: Tools for the Management of Love and Money” and “Handbook for the Family Business.”

Guillermo is also a lecturer and educator in the field of the family business in Latin America. He is also a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in Boston, USA and was recipient in 2015 of the International Achievement Award of the Family Firm Institute.

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