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Family Business Insight Podcast With Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi

Creating a shared understanding with your family members around your family narratives and legacy can help solidify family engagement and enable an alignment on the family’s mission and vision for generations to come.

Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi founded and created The Legacy Atelier™ to help multi-generational family businesses map, understand, and build upon a complex legacy and turn it into artfully crafted creations via a unique methodology that fuses various intertwined capitals with the business and historical aspects of it.

Join us as we discuss all things family business legacy, the importance of capturing narrative, the impact on the family and the wider community and how important legacy is in appreciating the real essence of the family business.

The world’s most prominent business families all have one family aspect in common, their family members strive to create and keep a solid family engagement and an alignment on their shared purpose, value framework, mission and vision.  It is not an easy feat to achieve, and their successful generational transition is critically important, especially in the midst of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Listen as we highlight the importance of family legacies as critical family education and engagement tools for the long-term success of the family and their various entities.

Check out the Family Business Insight Podcast with Zita here

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