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The Real Greek Team Up With Tims Dairy Yogurt

If you can’t get to Greece this summer then there’s no better place to enjoy an authentic Greek Taverna atmosphere than The Real Greek, especially when Tonia Buxton is flying the flag and the weather forecast looks hot and sunny!

All 18 branches of The Real Greek are set for a summer of delicious Greek food and have teamed up with Tims Dairy who produce their Greek style yogurt used in several of the dishes on the menu.

The collaboration aims to reach out to customers of The Real Greek and consumers of Tims Dairy Greek style yogurt to create excitement about the ‘next best thing’ to going on holiday to Greece by enjoying all the quality fresh ingredients on the menu.

Tonia Buxton, British Television Presenter and author, who’s real love is Greek and Mediterranean food, and who passionately believes in the anti-ageing properties of this diet, is The Real Greek’s ambassador. She will be demonstrating the use of Tims Dairy yogurt in the meze menu across social media to encourage new visitors to come and enjoy the fun, flavour and versatility Greek style yogurt brings to so much of the menu.

As part of the collaboration, The Real Greek and Tims Dairy (featuring Bides Timotheou, a passionate foodie and one of the family who run the dairy) will also be running exciting giveaways for a chance to win a meal for two.

“It’s so like being on holiday in Greece, without the hassle of actually getting there” says Tonia. “The atmosphere is fun, vibrant and romantic, whilst the food and Greek wine evokes Mediterranean skies, seas and scents. Tims Dairy’s yogurt is so thick, creamy and versatile, it is the perfect ingredient for any Greek meze.”

Bides Timotheou backs up Tonia’s words, iterating “The menu uses our yogurt to fantastic effect and in traditional style across dishes such as Dolmades (with a side dip), Lamb Meatballs, Greek meat pie, the ubiquitous Tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dip), plus a delicious, sweet dessert using yogurt with walnuts in syrup.”

Tims Dairy’s Greek family heritage and over 72 years of producing top quality Greek style yogurt using fresh British milk and only natural ingredients, makes perfect synergy for this collaboration. Being based in the Chiltern Hills, in South Buckinghamshire, means that provenance is very local. They have been supplying The Real Greek directly for 3 years with their Greek style bio-live natural yogurt and their close relationship means they hope to keep doing so for many years to come.

The campaign will be seen across both brand’s digital channels through to mid August with a possible extension of summer fun through September.

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