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Rebecca Falder Recognised For Next Generation Role

For the first time in the history of the Family Business of the Year Awards recognition has been given to an inspirational next generation member. Rebecca Falder, of HMG Paints Ltd, was announced as the inaugural recipient at the live ‘virtual’ awards ceremony where she was awarded the Next Generation Ambassador award.

HMG Paints was founded back in 1930 and has grown to become the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturer.

Generations of families have worked through the business and grown up together passing on their knowledge, expertise and passion to future generations. Whilst of course excellent paints and surface coatings are the lifeblood of their success, there is much more to it than that. HMG believe that business based on trust, decency and exceptional service forms long term partnerships and friendships that last. In the early years this was how they grew their business from a tiny room with only three people and a vision, to become the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturer with outlets across the UK and world.

As they’ve grown, they have never forgotten their roots and the emphasis on working alongside customers to create the very best individual service and tailored solutions for them. Whether their paint is used on a car or coach, an aircraft or a boat, a kitchen door or a doll’s house, to the team at HMG Paints it is above all ‘their paint’ and they are exceptionally proud of it.

As Rebecca explains, “I am so honoured to be the first recipient of the National Next Generation Award and to be one of the next generation of family members working in our family firm. I’ve worked for HMG Paints for six years now and am constantly seizing opportunities and taking on new challenges within the business.”

“I have been sharing my journey with other peer networks and future leader platforms in order to help others considering a role in their own family business. I look forward to developing more responsibilities and taking on more challenges within HMG Paints and to continue to support the development of other next generation members within family businesses too.”

As Paul Andrews, founder of FBU and organisers of the awards concludes, “Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy and these awards celebrate their contribution. However, a key challenge for all family businesses at some point in their journey is the transition to the next generation.”

“This award seeks to recognise an individual that is not only an active member of the next generation of their own family firm but also an inspiration to others. Rebecca embodies the essence of this award through the work that she does both inside and outside of HMG Paints and deserves all the recognition and plaudits that winning this award brings.”

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