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The Family Business Planet Pledge

There is only one planet and we are all aware of the impact of climate change and global warming on the world in which we live.  There is growing recognition of the need for change and more and more family firms are looking at their carbon footprint and making changes to help us all mover towards a greener future.  Environmental issues are on the family business agenda and we wanted to do something to recognise that family firms across the world are aware of the issue and taking it seriously.

We wanted to spearhead a campaign through our ‘Family Business Planet Pledge’ which seeks to compile a body of businesses that are making a commitment towards the future of the planet. As well as a list of family businesses signing up to the pledge, we will be creating a library of tools, best practice and insights to share with our community to help them gain knowledge and practical examples from other family firms that they may be able to introduce too.

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There is only one planet so whether you are making a start by removing single use plastic, reviewing your supply chain, introducing new ways of working, updating your packaging or simply striving to measure and reduce your carbon consumption, every little helps.

We are in this together and the time for action is now.

We are passionate about our planet and look forward to doing our bit to harness resources, share information and really help to make our community to come together and make a difference.  If you are already taking steps to address your impact on the environment and would be happy to share them, or can contribute to our knowledge bank to help others in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Together, we can make a difference.







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