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The Global Family Business Summit Programme 2021

Family Business United is delighted to announce a full programme of sessions as part of the week long Global Family Business Summit 2021 which is taking place from 8-12 November, 2021.  Outlined below is the full programme that brings together some of the leading family business advisers in the world for a series of masterclasses and educational sessions.  In addition, some fantastic family business leaders have agreed to share their journeys in a series of personal insights, panels have been put together to discuss various topics and there are highlights from recent global family business research too.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United explains, “We have created a unique programme that draws from our connections throughout the world and we are excited about the reach in terms of contributors lined up to share their thoughts with delegates.  There really is something for everyone and we are looking forward to another great event in November when the global family business community comes together once more.”

Tickets for each session are £35 with discounted rates of £20 for academics/students.  Tickets are limited for each session so please do book early to avoid disappointment.


Day 1 – Monday 8 November, 2021

Family Business Insight (11.15am GMT) – Symington Family Estates
Two generations from the world’s leading producer of premium ports and one of the top Portuguese wine producers will be joining us to share their story. The Symington family have been at home in the Douro Valley for more than 130 years.  For five generations they have combined their passion for producing premium ports and wines with a deep commitment to the region’s land and people.  Book here

Family Firms Standing The Test Of Time (2.30pm GMT) – Panel Discussion
Our illustrious panel will share their insights on the best practices of long standing family businesses and what steps successful family businesses that become multi-generational do to give them the best chances of succeeding for generations to come.  Our panellists include Sonu Bhasin, Rob Lachenauer and Sian Steele.  Book here

Managing Power in Family Businesses (4.00pm GMT)
Join us with Guillermo Salazar as he analyses the successful management of power in a family business, especially during the critical moments such as family or business leadership transitions that affect their stability and control.  He will also examine differentiation between power and authority, levels of complexity, balancing points of the governance bodies and the rules in the game of power.  Book here

Day 2 – Tuesday 9 November, 2021

Succession Planning Unwrapped (9.30am GMT)
Succession planning is often cited as one of the key challenges facing family firms. In many cases it is the elephant in the room and simply not a topic that is discussed. In this session, Darryl Bates-Brownsword who is a UK Partner of Succession Plus, specialists in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for SME owners to manage strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning will take a look at the issues around succession planning, consider some of the options available and explore ways to bring the topic of conversation to the table.  Book here

Key Traits of Future Family Business Leaders (2.30pm GMT)
In this session, Vistage will look at the skills required for future family business leaders.  Book here

Crafting the Role for the Next Generation (4.00pm GMT)
Join us for an interactive discussion on all things ‘next generation’ in family firms with Steve Legler.  Book here

Day 3 – Wednesday 10 November, 2021

Governance, Family Firms & Family Constitutions (9.30am GMT)
A masterclass looking at governance best practice and the role of the family constitution.  Book here

Family Business Insight (11.15am GMT)
Details to be confirmed in due course.  Book here

Unleashing the Potential of the Next Generation (2.30pm GMT) Panel Discussion
Join us for an interactive panel discussion where we will be discussing all things relating to the next generation in family firms. Topics to be covered by the panel will include how to prepare the next generation for entry into the family business, onboarding and creating a presence to developing into future leaders.

We will also be looking at some of the key challenges faced by the next generation as they further their careers in the family business and offer up some ways that these can be addressed.  Our panellists include Mairi Mickel and Kirsty Ross.  Book here

Understanding the Global Family Business Agenda (4.15pm GMT)
During this session we will take a look at some of the latest research findings and the implications for families in business around the world.  We will be joined by Andra Ilie and Daniel Trimarchi who will share their thoughts on the findings.  Book here

Day 4 -Thursday 11 November, 2021

Family Business Insight (11.15am GMT)
Details to be confirmed in due course. Book here

Understanding the Family Business Ownership Model (3.00pm GMT)
Join us for an educational session with Robert Davies who will be taking a look at five aspects of family business ownership Book here

Family Business Purpose & Values (5.00pm GMT)
Join us for an educational session and insight into the purpose and underlying values of family firms with Andrew Keyt.  Book here

Day 5 -Friday 11 November, 2021

Incorporating History into a Family Business Brand (9.30am GMT)
This educational session will use practical examples to highlight how to build on history and heritage when creating a successful and impactful family business brand.  Rob Gray will share his thoughts and how he has worked with family firms to build their heritage into the brand with plenty of practical examples. Book here

Family Business Insight (11.15am GMT)
Details to be confirmed in due course.  Book here

Creating a Sustainable Family Business (2.30pm GMT) Panel Discussion
Our panel of experts will share their thoughts and insights on what challenges family firms are currently facing and what needs to be done to create sustainable family firms for the future.  Our panellists include Tom McGinness and Josh Baron.  Book here

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