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A Story Of Sussex Wine Families By The Glass

Launching on International Women’s Day by award-winning wine journalist Liz Sagues, Sussex by the Glass is the story of wines, vines and two pioneering families of Ridgeview and Bolney. With interviews from the people behind both wineries and a focus on their leading female CEO’s, the book captures the wonderful stories and images, celebrating the trials, tribulations and triumphs.

Author Liz Sagues: “I wanted to add to the information available on English wine, but in a different and very human way. The stories of Ridgeview and Bolney are timely and special, and weaving an overall picture of wine in Sussex around them was exciting and rewarding for me. I hope readers will enjoy the words as much as fine English wine.”

The book is published at a celebratory moment with Ridgeview Wine toasting 25 years in 2020 and Bolney reaching its 50th birthday in 2022. Written, designed and printed in Sussex, the book is illustrated with more than 100 colour photographs. With education in mind it also focuses on sustainability issues, tourism and a month-by-month account of activity in vineyard and winery.

Importantly, it stretches beyond the individual stories to explain the past and present significance of Sussex in England’s fastest-growing agriculture sector.

Liz is a natural storyteller who has managed to unearth some behind the scenes gems captured with beautiful supporting images, embodying the spirit behind the pioneering rise of the Sussex family wine businesses.

Sussex by the Glass: Wines, vines and two pioneering families, £14, is published by Tanwood Press and is available from www.ridgeview.co.uk

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