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Dressing Me, Dressing You

Mini Me Organic is a parent and child eco-clothing brand that was set up by husband and wife, Katie and Peter in 2020 specialising in matched or coordinated clothing for families.

Paul Andrews spoke to Katie and Peter to find out more about the brand and the values that it represents.

Twinning, or wearing matching ‘mini me’ clothes has come to the fore in recent years and as Katie explains, “it is all part of the euphoria and pride that comes with being a parent. It’s simply a fun and loving way of celebrating that special and unique bond between parents and children. We felt that there was no dedicated brand for mini-me clothes so we decided to launch a business in the space. It has already proven to be so rewarding to be a business that exists to reinforce family bonds and put smiles on to people’s faces too.”

But this family business is not just about the bond between parents and children. It also has a purpose as all of their clothes are made with 100% natural certified cotton, sourced from a supply chain where factories are powered by the wind and sun, and they produce the clothes with non-synthetic dyes so that the items can be returned for recycling when worn out.

For Peter sustainability is an essential component of the brand and it helps them define who they are. “At the moment we are living through a pandemic,” explains Peter, “but climate change remains a global issue and one of the most significant challenges facing our generation. Thankfully, we are all becoming more aware of the impact of the choices that we make and we wanted to build environmental considerations into the business. One example of this is that all of our products are despatched in plastic-free packaging, something that is becomingly increasingly important to rid the planet of plastic waste given that the scientists are forecasting that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.”

Starting a new business from home during a pandemic was never going to be easy, not least due to the need to home school two children under the age of 5 and manage busy jobs which delayed the launch of the business.

As Katie continues, “We now have even greater respect for school and nursery workers! We had a plan, but were struggling to find the time in the evenings to execute it until Peter decided to take the plunge and reduce his hours at his previous job. Our evening conversations became totally dominated with the business and following many late nights we managed to launch. We are now seeing the shoots of growth as the business comes to life and as what started as a dream has turned into a real business reality. It hasn’t been the same doing business virtually but like everyone else we have had to adapt and make the most of it!”

Balancing the needs of the family and the demands of starting a business is never easy but they have found a way through. Katie adds, “It has not been easy but plenty of unpaid family support has really helped and it really has been a team effort.”

“We focus on everyday wardrobe items and are a planet-before-profit business, with a clear mission to make clothes that make people happy,” continues Katie.

“We believe being a mum or dad is the most important job in the world, and there is nothing so strong as a parent’s love. Sometimes it’s the hardest job, but it is also the most rewarding. Our mums and dads are our first role models and every child wants to be like mummy or daddy.”

“Besides being everyday wardrobe staples, nothing beats a t-shirt or a hoodie when it comes to showing the world what is important to you.”

And if we can make cool, fun clothes from soft natural materials using renewable energy, which can be recycled, then everybody wins,” Peter adds.

This business may have just started out but business is coming in, the brand is establishing and with an online shop looks set to grow. For Katie and the team the drive and determination to succeed is now stronger than ever.

As she concludes, “In the next five years we are looking to grow and consolidate what we have already created, putting more smiles on more faces and being the go-to place for quality mini-me clothing. It is a niche but at the same time it is a fun, happy and sizeable niche too and we look forward to growing the family business further.”

Sustainability and the environmental agenda are going to become even more topical as the world responds to the challenges we face. Ethical and sustainable shopping is one way that we can all make a difference.
Watch this space – we look forward to seeing the journey continue.

Find out more about the business and their products here


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