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Spreading The Love: Rosie’s Preserving School

Rosemary Jameson’s seasonal workshops will teach the basics and skills for preserving food and reducing food waste after boom in jam jar sales.

With the world once again turning to online learning for new skills and an opportunity to connect with a community, master preserver Rosemary Jameson is the first in the UK to launch online preserving workshops. Demonstrating the finer skills of creating everything from fruit cordials to blackcurrant jam, Rosie is taking an uplifting and useful activity into people’s kitchens via their laptop or tablet screens for a full year of interactive workshops.

Beginning with a winter season of six classes, starting on February 3rd with a lemon cordial and limoncello, Rosie shares expertise garnered from a lifetime of preserving passion and experience. In the 90-minute-long evening workshops, she will be teaching core techniques that can be used for a wide range of recipes. The creative fun is scheduled to continue through until mid-December, with five seasons of six classes: winter, spring, summer, autumn, and Christmas, with classes covering jams, cordials, salts and even dehydrating.
The winter season – which runs to March 10 – features vegetable stock (utilising a salting technique), mustard balls, yoghurt, and Dijon mustard.

Rosie explains: “Each term is based around a season and will work to the foods and produce that is available at that time of the year – especially if some people are growing their own produce in the garden.”

“Yoghurt is particularly good to do at this time of year because there isn’t a lot of fresh produce to work with and there’s so much you can do with it. And it’s so simple to do.”

Above all, Rosie is determined to bust the myths around preserving – that it is difficult and time-consuming. She added: “Before each class, participants will be sent a recipe and equipment list so they can cook along with me. The aim of the classes is to teach the basic and traditional techniques for preserving food. It’s not complicated or time-consuming and is a skill that can be passed down from generation to generation.”

The classes are Rosie’s way of adapting to the Covid-19 restrictions and reaching a wider audience with her classes, as well as reacting to consumer trends. In 2020, she saw an increase of more than six-times the sales of jam making and preserving equipment sold through her website lovejars.co.uk

A recent report in The Grocer showed the sale of jam to be up almost 23% in 2020 on previous years.

Rosie adds: “Due to the lockdown restrictions, people were growing more of their own food but were also concerned about food shortages so were trying their hand at making their own preserves. It is a primal instinct that kicks and also provides comfort. It’s a trend that I think we’re going to see even more of this year.”

Individual workshops are priced at just £19.90 each or £49.90 for the entire season of six. Any equipment they might not have at home can be purchased via LoveJars.co.uk

The benefit of Rosie’s courses, as opposed to watching a TV cookery programme, is the interactivity. Participants can (although it’s not compulsory) cook along with Rosie, following her step-by-step, asking questions as they go-along and no previous experience is necessary. Recordings of the workshops will then be available to refer back to.

For a full list of available classes and to book click here

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