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Life After The Family Business

For many people working in the family business the thought of stepping back and no longer being actively involved on a daily basis is usually met with a varying degree of trepidation, whilst others plan to lead a life away from the business in retirement by undertaking a range of other activities.

Family Business United has teamed up with our partners at Mattioli Woods to canvass the views of senior members of family firms across the UK and see how the ground lies and to see how they view life after the family business.

We would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts in the quick poll below and help us in our quest to determine what the post family business retirement plan for ‘Family Business UK’ really looks like.

Do you think it will be easy to step away from the family business and pass day to day responsibilities on to someone else?(Required)
Do you have a fixed date in mind to step back from the family business?(Required)
Have you thought about what you will do with your time once you have retired from the business?(Required)
After stepping back from a day to day role, will you look to retain an ambassadorial role within the family business?(Required)
Which of the following are most likely to feature as part of your retirement plan? (select all that apply)(Required)
How have you planned to support your lifestyle, hopes and dreams after you step back from the business? (select all that apply)(Required)
In which region of the UK do you live?


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