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Celebrating 145 Years With Bagnalls Baroque Blue

In celebration of their 145th year of business, Akzo Nobel presented Bagnalls with a unique gift: their very own Dulux Trade Paint colour!

Bagnalls Baroque Blue (or Dulux 30BB 08/263 when ordered at your local decorator centre) is based on their signature colour and named in honour of almost 90 years of collaboration with Dulux Trade paints. The presentation was made to Stephen Bagnall, Group Managing Director, over a virtual Teams call by the then Akzo Nobel – UK & Ireland Managing Director, Alistair McAuley.

Nearly 90 Year of Partnership

As  Stephen Bagnall, Group Managing Director at Bagnalls explains, “Our partnership with Dulux paint spans many decades, from its creation in 1931 when the paint was branded using a combination of the words ‘Durable’ and ‘Luxury.’ Dulux paint was the first branded synthetic paint, offering an alternative to traditional lead-based paints at the time.”

“Our first major use of the paint was in 1932, for the newly-built pharmaceutical plant for Boots in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. Described at the time as ‘England’s Most Modern Factory,’ the building was designed by leading architect Sir Owen Williams and took four years to plan and two years to build. Our team prepared and painted the factory using the new Dulux paints, applying by brush and the then-new spray-painting procedure,” continues Stephen.

“The high level of painting innovation and the scope and size of the project meant that Nobel’s Dulux brochures were filled with photos of Bagnalls hard-working painters and served as one of the first large-scale examples of the paint being used successfully in the country,” he concludes.

Find out more at www.bagnalls.co.uk

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