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Grupo Antolin Strengthens Its Brand Values

The automotive industry is living in a new era marked by sustainable mobility, digitization, connectivity and technological development. Grupo Antolin is transforming its business to lead this change from the car’s interior and consolidate itself as a pioneering and undisputed leader in the sector.

In parallel with the transformation and development of the business, the company’s brand has undergone an evolution. In 2018, it was decided to launch an audit to analyse the perception of the different stakeholders about the brand, as well as identify its differentiating attributes. As a result of this work, a strategy called “InAntolin” was defined, which includes, among other initiatives, the company’s new claim. This claim represents the DNA of the brand and summarises the values and essence of Grupo Antolin: Intelligent. Integrated. Inside.

  • Creating Intelligent vehicles.
    The new mobility brings with it a new, more advanced, technological and sustainable interior that offers the traveller a unique travel experience.
  • Developing Integrated solutions.
    To develop this interior, Grupo Antolin is researching state-of-the-art solutions that integrate new technologies, lighting systems, decorative surfaces and electronics in an optimal and efficient way.
  • Providing talent from the Inside.
    At the heart of this strategy are people. Having the best professionals is essential to respond to the challenges of the industry by always applying the values of Grupo Antolin in the day to day.

“The new corporate claim describes what our company does and how it does it. The attributes of the new claim –Intelligent. Integrated. Inside- propose a phonetic game. All three start with “In”, a sound that refers to Antolin and the business segment, the car’s interior”, says Jorge Alvarez-Naveiro, Marketing, Communication and Institutional Relations Corporate Director of Grupo Antolin.

At a time of cultural transformation and organizational changes, the new positioning seeks to convey to the market the essence of Antolin and that the 30,000 employees of the company are focused on the future.

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