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Recognise Bank

Recognise was born in recognition of the immense value of UK SMEs to the UK economy and wider society, and the extraordinary potential of that community often unrealised due to a chronic lack of support.

In 2017, Recognise founders Jason Oakley, Bryce Glover and Adrian Golumbina decided enough was enough. To them the SME community had drawn the short straw in banking for too long, putting up with rigid, ‘tick-box’ products and faceless service that showed no real understanding of the vital contribution these businesses make. There had to be a better way.

With experience of running SMEs, as well as working for the big banks (who they felt often couldn’t think small enough), the founders believed they were well placed to create a bank that thinks and acts differently – so they set about obtaining a banking licence.

Recognise is now authorised as a bank and is growing quickly.

Our handpicked team of close to 40 colleagues is united in a shared commitment to unlocking the full potential of UK SMEs, by providing a markedly different service – one designed for our customers, not for ourselves.

We use our collective skills and experiences to shape business finance to help business owners and entrepreneurs, rather than constrain them. And we deliver this not just with a personal touch, but a local one.

We are focused on lending now, though very shortly we will be providing personal and business savings accounts, bringing competitive offers and more choice to our customers. And, over time, we will look to offer other services relevant to busy entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our head office is located in the heart of the City at The Royal Exchange but we are passionate about the economic importance of the regions so we are already establishing our first offices in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

The dreams and frustrations of business leaders inspire us to innovate and improve – because if UK SMEs are thriving, the UK is too.

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