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Support Family Firms This #GBFamilyBizDay

National Family Business across the UK is normally a day to celebrate for the family business community across the UK but 2020 has been far from normal so as well as celebrating, the day is a focus for everyone to reflect on local businesses and those in need, supporting a sector that does so much for the economy.

Under the hashtag #GBFamilyBizDay everyone is encouraged to celebrate local family firms, tagging them on social media and sharing images to reflect the true essence of the UK family business sector.  Family firms make a significant contribution to the economy each and every day through employment, income generation, community support and wealth creation and family businesses are seen as the engine room of the UK economy.

As Paul Andrews, founder of Family Business United and behind the annual campaign adds, “We are here to champion family firms and whilst it is right to celebrate the immense contribution they make, it would be remiss not to recognise that some family firms are struggling, many through no fault of their own but as a result of the pandemic and the resultant restrictions and to consider more broadly ways that we can support them during these difficult times.”

“National Family Business Day 2020 will give us all a little time to reflect, to reach out to those in need and to bring the family business community together, sharing news and insights and provide a positive ray of light on a sector that does so much, locally, regionally and nationally.”

“Many family firms are local and for many, even those that have been around for generations, remain close to, or in the same location as where they were founded.  They have therefore left an indelible impact on local communities.  2020 has been a difficult year for some but we have also seen and heard some fantastic stories of businesses and their employees stepping up to help in the community, be it through financial means, resources or time and the community spirit that has long been associated with the family business sector has truly prevailed.”

“With over 12 million people employed in the 5 million family firms across the UK, the sector will play an integral and important part in the recovery of the economy and this year, more than ever before, let’s be proud of the family business sector and just take a moment to celebrate the contribution  that all of these firms continue to make each and every day.  Family firms remain a force for good and it is a pleasure to be able to champion the sector across the UK.”

“And remember, if you can support a family business through any kind of purchase, be it in person or online or even paying it forward with a voucher, it will make a difference too,” concludes Paul


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