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Scottish Family Firm Launches The Angels’ Share Glass

The team at an award-winning family firm has created a new spirits glass – The Angels’ Share Glass.

The glassware, which features an angel’s wing and a flame, is launched online by Stirling company Angels’ Share Glass today.

It is the latest innovation from the firm which is renowned for a range of glassware including Whisky Angels, Whisky Water Droppers and Gin Pigs.

Angels’ Share Glass Managing Director Karen Somerville said: “We’ve always wanted to add our own glass to the range so this is a concept which has been in the making for a long time.

“We’ve gone back and forth in deciding how it should look and behind the design is the idea that it should be simple but bold and legendary but attainable.

“There is no pseudoscience involved. We wanted to come up with something for drinkers who don’t take their spirits too seriously and we’re delighted, that after all this time, we have our own glass reflecting the company’s journey and vision.”

“The Angels’ Share Glass is designed on elegance and grace much like an Angel and it’s ideal for everyone’s favourite spirit whether that be Scotch Whisky, Rum, Bourbon, Cognac, Vodka, Sherry, Port or Gin.”

There are two glasses in the range – a standard size which takes 100ml of spirits and a mini tasting version which is 50ml.

The glass was designed by Karen Somerville and her father, Master Glassblower Tom Young MBE, who were keen to incorporate the wing and flame which forms their company logo into the design.

It is aimed at all spirits-lovers and complements the firm’s existing bar and giftware range including gift sets.

The versatile glass can also be personalised with a name or brand and plans are underway to extend the range to include decanters and water jugs.

The company had intended to launch The Angels Share Glass during an Open Day at the firm’s headquarters in Bridge of Allan near Stirling, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the launch will be a virtual one instead.

Mrs Somerville said: “It’s a shame we can’t have a full launch at our studio, but like many small businesses we’ve had to adapt to the current situation and instead we’ve created a video featuring the Angels’ Share Glass which we hope everyone will enjoy.”

The video can be viewed here

The standard 100ml Angels’ Share Glass costs around £12 while the mini version, which is perfect for tasting sessions, is 50ml and £10.

For more information about Angels Share Glass, visit

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