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Ozone Technology Drives Little’s Covid Response

Award-winning UK based Chauffeur Drive business Little’s has unveiled a post-COVID recovery plan led by an investment in new ozone sanitation technology – designed to ensure exceptional levels of in-car hygiene and cleanliness for clients.

From this month onwards, Little’s fleet of 40 plus luxury vehicles will now be cleaned using two new Ozone generators, installed at its Scottish bases in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Little’s cars have always been cleaned in between each hire, however the new system will take this to a new level, eliminating bacteria and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals and surface products. Additional hygiene measures will also be in place for every client journey including face masks for chauffeurs, in-car hand gel and strict procedures for case and bag handling.

Glasgow based car sanitation experts Supagard have supplied Little’s with the new equipment, which is tried and tested to safely disinfect and remove dangerous airborne particles from indoor environments.

Prior to the virus, Little’s was on track for a record breaking 2020 and 2019 saw an increase in turnover of 39%. Little’s Managing Director Heather Matthews believes that agility and a focus on meeting the changing needs and preferences of clients will be crucial to the company’s success in the post-lockdown era.

She commented: ‘The way people travel for business and leisure has changed, and it will continue to do so. This means that our strategy must remain flexible and as responsive as possible to the evolving needs of our clients. Little’s cars have always been pristine, but new standards are now required and this presented us with a challenge since we also want to deliver a luxurious, personal experience for every client. Our new ozone cleaning systems mean that we can deliver on both counts, avoiding the use of too many chemicals or an in-car screen which creates an impersonal barrier.

‘Thankfully we are starting to see the seeds of recovery as lockdown eases, with bookings picking up internationally and in certain business sectors. There’s an acknowledgement that this will be a slow process and that some sectors will recover faster than others, but we’ll continue to be led by a deep understanding of clients and the sector to drive the recovery process.’

To deliver for the needs of clients internationally, Little’s will ensure that all global partners adhere to the same stringent standards as those being introduced in the UK.

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