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Handbook Of Qualitative Research Methods For Family Business

This indispensable Handbook provides a timely and comprehensive guide to the methodological challenges of qualitative research in family business.

Written by an international, multidisciplinary team of experts in the field, the Handbook takes a hands-on approach, offering valuable insights into a range of methods and related questions. Providing practical guidance based on the experiences of senior researchers, as well as expanding conceptual understanding of qualitative methods, chapters explore existing practices and issues common to many research projects, such as getting access to informants and technical or publication hurdles.

Featuring reflective discussion on how to craft insightful, rigorous studies, the Handbook will increase scholars’ confidence in using qualitative methods in their own research, from traditional case studies to more recent methods such as QCA.

This Handbook will prove invaluable to instructors of qualitative research methods, as well as scholars and students of family business and entrepreneurship. Researchers using qualitative methods in other social sciences will also find its recommendations relevant and useful.

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