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PwC’s Global NextGen Survey 2019

As Peter Englisch of PwC explains, “Everything about your family business is personal: the decisions you make, the goals you pursue and the legacy you leave. Running a family business requires a balance of business imperatives, emotional bonds and personal values of the family.”

“This personal approach is the guiding principle of Agents of change: Earning your licence to operate, which draws insights from a survey completed by almost 1,000 members of the next generation in family businesses (the “NextGens”) around the world to help distil a sense of what you need to succeed.”

“The results are striking, and strikingly consistent across sectors and continents.”

“You told us you are deeply committed to your family business and have extremely high ambitions for it. But you also identified the challenges you face as you seek to prove yourselves as agents of change. These are compounded by what we know from our survey of the current generation. They are not convinced NextGens are ready to step up.”

“Here you will find the results of the survey, as well as recommendations built around you and the way you want to contribute to your family business, which we believe will resonate as you seek to earn your licence to operate.”


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