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Expansion At Recycling Family Firm

A South Warwickshire family business is expanding its Long Marston recycling facility to maintain its target of achieving zero waste to landfill.

MRW Waste Recycling provides skip hire and waste collection services to businesses and residents across South Warwickshire. It specialises in separating construction and demolition waste into saleable, reusable aggregates.

The company has purchased brownfield land alongside its Sharry Lane yard, just outside Long Marston, where it is to build a new facility for washing construction and demolition waste that would have been sent to landfill. Once cleaned, the material will be turned into saleable, reusable aggregates.

In addition, waste timber is shredded and pulped, to be sold as biomass for the power generation industry.

Alastair Frew, a partner in the Real Estate practice of Lodders Solicitors, provided MRW’s owner Mick Williamson with legal property advice to secure the land. He explains: “MRW is one of the area’s largest and most well-known waste collection and recycling companies and an excellent example of real recycling in operation. Through the company’s activities of separating construction and demolition waste, cleaning it and then turning it into saleable aggregates and biomass, MRW is playing an important part in the wider environmental strategy to prevent waste from going into landfill by turning it into a reusable product – basic building materials, which are essential for every commercial and domestic development project.”

“It’s exciting to work with a thriving family business that is involved in recycling and a business focused on environmentally positive projects and activities.”

Mick Williamson adds: “Our aim is to recycle 100 percent of all construction and demolition waste, and this new site will allow us to operate even more efficiently, with approximately 99 percent of all material being sold for re-use. Even the water in our new washing plant will be circulated and used again.”

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