SUN 18TH FEB 2018


Bringing the family business community together

R. Noone and Son Ltd

R. Noone and Son Ltd are a family owned and operated fresh produce distributor based in Bredbury. Full Article

Mackays Ltd

Following our heritage we make marmalades, preserves, curds and our special single farm conserves, the authentic way in Scotland. Full Article

Clews Homes Ltd

Like you, we recognise new technology can save energy, reduce running costs and improve the way you live. Combining energy-efficient insulation, secur... Full Article


Since its founding in 1932, Champagne Taittinger has evolved into one of the world's premier champagen houses. Full Article

Oldest Family Business

Family businesses exist all over the world and we have spent the past couple of years researching to identify as many of them as we can.  We are continually uncovering new gems and adding them to the lists so check back with us regularly to see some of the oldest family businesses in the world. Whilst every effort is taken to identify the oldest family firms, there are bound to be some which remain undiscovered so if you know of any that should be listed please let us know and we will be delighted to add them too!


Shirley Plantation

On a bluff overlooking the James River, Shirley Plantation offers stun... Full Article


Pizzini Wines

The winemaking dream that has become Pizzini Wines dates back to 1978.... Full Article

Oldest Businesses


Whitechapel Bell Foundry
1420 - England

The world's most famous bell foundry and one of the oldest family businesses in Britain. Read More


RJ Balson and Son Ltd
1515 - England

The Balson family have been butchers since 1535 and deal in the highest quality meat, poultry and game, make a range of ... Read More


John Brooke & Sons Holdings Ltd
1541 - England

Brooke’s Mill has been the home of wool cloth manufacturing for over two hundred years and is one of the oldest fa... Read More


1551 - Spain

Established near Barcelona in 1551 and is today one of the oldest family owned companies in the world. Read More


R. Durtnell & Sons Limited
1591 - England

R Durtnell & Sons Limited is Britain's oldest building company, with an enviable reputation for quality work, fine c... Read More


Shirley Plantation
1613 - United States

On a bluff overlooking the James River, Shirley Plantation offers stunning views and a history like no other attraction ... Read More