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FBU Does World Whisky Day

Date: 20th May 2017 Price: £0

With so many great family owned whisky manufacturers, it would be remiss of us not to celebrate these great businesses on World Whisky Day 2017!

Taking place on May 20, 2017, World Whisky Day is a true celebration of the spirit.

To mark the occassion, FBU will be running a week long series of articles highlighting some of the great ambassasors from the family business sector.

Get involved

  • Send us your history or a feature piece on the business with some images and we'll post and share during the week

  • Send us a news story to post during the week

  • Complete the perspective template by downloading it from the 'asset' box below and send it back with an image to share your thoughts.  These insights are extremely well read and are great for sharing on social media too.

  • Get in touch with any other ideas 

To be featured, to share your story or to find out more simply email to discuss.


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