THU 27TH APR 2017


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Further Expansion At Joseph Holt

Joseph Holt Ltd has secured a £25 million refinancing package with the Royal Bank of Scotland to further support our growth plans in the pub est... Full Article

Lessons From Scotland's Wealth Creators

A special  event for family businesses that will draw upon research and share practical ways of capitalising on the natural advantage that family... Full Article

Sea Cadets Set Sail To Fundraise

The Macphie charities committee has donated £1,250 to the Stonehaven Sea Cadets to help towards the construction of their new headquarters. Full Article

Regeneration Project For DC Thomson Building

A project to regenerate West Ward, DC Thomson’s former book and annual print works in Dundee, is now underway. Full Article

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Family Office

Baby Boomers Risking Inheritance?

Research carried out by Safestore has revealed that 31% of people aged... Full Article


Gareth Hitchmough


Changing The Way The World Sleeps

The Harrison Spinks bed business is now into its fifth generation with... Full Article


Joining Dad In The Family Firm

Family Business


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Other News

Arpal & Sanosil Join Forces In Middle East

Unique patented formula used in new disinfectant range for fruit and vegetables to improve food hygiene across the Middle East. Read More

Randox Health Grand National Success!

The sponsor of the Randox Health Grand National has congratulated all involved in this year’s event, saying it has been a fantastic success.  Read More

BBQ Sessions At Perrywood!

A team of highly qualified barbecue instructors are hitting Perrywood Garden Centre this Summer to dish up plenty of inspiration with hands-on barbecue sessions. Read More

A Strategy For Health & Well Being

40% of companies already have a health and wellbeing strategy in place, according to a recent survey Read More

Taking Good Care At PJ Care!

The newspapers are full of stories about the UK’s demographic ‘time-bomb’, and the difficulty of funding long-term care for the elderly and vulnerable. One Midlands family firm is delivering great results. Read More

Emotional Sophistication For Tomorrow’s Leaders

The future looks rather dim for the white-collar workplace, if the most extreme predictions about automation are to be believed.  In an increasingly automated workplace, leaders should concentrate on uniquely human skillsets. Read More