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New Mini Excavator Model For JCB

12th February 2018 Paul Andrews

JCB is further boosting its comprehensive mini excavator range, with the launch of the 15C-1, the fourteenth model new since the first of the next generation machines was introduced in 2014.

Tipping the scales at 1.5 tonnes, the machine carries the same next generation DNA as the larger mini and midi excavators in the JCB line.

  • Cab or canopy available to suit all markets, with flat glazing
  • Proven powerful 11.7kW engine and reliable hydraulics
  • 100% steel bodywork for maximum impact protection and ease of repair
  • 500-hour greasing intervals reduce downtime

The conventional tailswing mini excavator shares a similar design, with the same choice of digging equipment as the 16C-1 that was launched last year. Both machines are powered by an 11.7kW diesel engine, though the 15C-1 uses a gear pump, while the hydraulic system on the 16C-1 has a variable displacement piston pump. Both mini excavators come with mechanical auxiliary controls.

The 15C-1, is aimed primarily at the rental and tool hire market, uses a shorter fixed undercarriage, with single speed tracking, long pitch tracks and mechanical track tensioners. The higher specification 16C-1 is a plant hire model, with a variable width undercarriage for additional stability when digging and lifting. The machine benefits from short pitch tracks for smoother travel, with grease track tensionsers and twin speed tracking motors.

The 15C-1 has 100% steel bodywork, providing maximum protection for components and ease of repair in the event of knocks on site. Likewise, where the full ROPS-compliant cab is specified, it has flat glazing all round, for easy replacement. Despite its compact dimensions, the mini excavator benefits from the next generation cab already seen on larger models, boasting a 24% greater internal space than previous machines.                                      

All next generation mini excavators come with 10 tie-down points, positioned on the undercarriage and upperstructure, making it easier to transport the machine without risk of damage to rubber tracks. With a wide opening fold-out rear door, the machines have excellent service access, while 500-hour greasing intervals help to reduce downtime and operating cost for the customer.

The 15C-1 completes a comprehensive range of 14 mini and midi excavators from JCB Compact Products. This includes seven conventional tailswing models, from the 15C-1 to the 10-tonne 100C-1, along with two reduced tailswing models and five zero tailswing excavators.

With this enviable line-up of conventional, reduced  and zero tailswing machines, offered with a choice of cab or canopy, JCB has a mini or midi excavator to meet the needs of every industry sector, from tool and plant hire, through to specialist contractors.


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