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Making Digital Work For You

Companies have been urged to 'digitalise” or risk getting left behind but while many accept this as a reality, the precept is at best confusing ... Full Article

US Firms To Tackle Missing Middle

Latest research from PwC in the US highlights four ways that US family firms can tackle the 'missing middle.' Full Article

Blenheim Palace & The Business Of Heritage

Blenheim Palace, the home of the 12th Duke of Marlborough is also a business, and the business has been transformed in the last 15 years under the man... Full Article

Five Generations Of Pride, Passion & Service

Justin Burgess is the fifth generation of the Burgess family to take the helm and spoke to Paul Andrews about his journey. Full Article

Family Business

Family businesses are special and face issues due to the very nature of their ownership.  Check out all the latest articles in areas such as succession planning, employing family members, governance structures, marketing the family brand, family values, remuneration and much more besides. 

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Grass Really Is Always Greener!

Jonathan Gallagher, the youngest of three Gallagher brothers, founded Easigrass more than three decades ago and the business continues to go from strength to strength. Read More

From Private Firm To Private Equity

The cycle of growth in India with Apollo Hospitals, one of the leading hospital chains with an international reputation and an outstanding track record in harnessing the power of new technology.  Read More

How To Manage Conflict

Conflicts are part and parcel of any family business, and they can arise due to a number of factors including sibling rivalries, aging patriarchs and matriarchs, preferential treatment.  Read More

Family Business Leadership Styles

Which of the three 'paternalistic leadership styles' works WORST for family firms? Read More

Filling Big Shoes

Just getting to the decision of succession can be a trying one and fraught with difficulty, especially when dealing with Mum and Dad. Read More

Ten Tips For Succession Success

Keeping it in the family - Ten things to think about when it comes to the succession planning process. Read More