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Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Full Article

Sustainability And The Family Business. Does It Really Matter?

Sustainability is an age-old problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes but what about family businesses? Full Article

Daughters In Family Businesses

Historically daughters were not considered for succession into ma­n­a­­gerial positions in family businesses. Full Article

Validate The Values When Considering Succession

Trust, communication and identity are values that need to be considered when selecting a successor. Full Article

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What They See Is What You Get!

Social intelligence, a slippery concept that is nevertheless crucial t... Full Article

Key Challenges

A Values-Based Approach To Cultivating Shareholder Value

An holistic version of 'shareholder value' creates a different culture... Full Article

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Starting A Successful Business With Your Spouse

Lisa Lyons founded Plastic Box Shop with her husband Gary in 2003.  In this article, she shares her experience of starting a business with her spouse and gives her top tips for anyone Read More

What's In A Name?

Karen Millen has recently lost a claim in the High Court against Karen Millen Fashions Limited, over the right to use her name in respect of her own ongoing business ventures. Read More

PwC Global Survey Shows Strategic Planning Issue

Lack of strategic planning more likely to hold back family businesses than economic headwinds according to latest global research from PwC Read More

UK Boards Stuck In Dark Ages!

UK board meetings remain stuck in the 1990s as digital tools are shunned according to the latest research with an over reliance on email for scheduling meetings and hand-written minutes. Read More

We Do – Couples in Business, The Birth Of A Family Business?

An important segment of family businesses is spouses in business together or copreneurs. Read More

Why Are Values So Important In Family Firms?

In family businesses values are more often than not the glue that holds everything together forming the strong foundations upon which successful family businesses are based. Read More