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Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Full Article

Generational Transitions In Family Businesses

Preparing to pass the business to the next generation is the toughest challenge for a family business. Full Article

Perpetuating The Family Business

The challenge is to do all that’s required to pass the company on to generation two... Full Article

The Succession Paradox

Succession in terms of business leadership confronts a family business founder with a complex set of issues. Full Article

Next Generation

Are the next generation sufficiently qualified to work in the family firm?  Do they want to?  Engaging with the next generation is essential if there is to be a family member at the helm in the future.

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The Very Model Of A Modern Education

With more international students from wealthy family firms heading to ... Full Article

Key Challenges

An Asian Perspective On Developing The Next Generation

An interesting and thought-provoking insight into Asian family busines... Full Article

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Generation To Generation

There are five things that the current generation of family business leaders can do to make sure that the next generation have the best chances to succeed in the family firm. Read More

Managing Your Own Transition

Christian Weber is the CEO of Karslberg Brauerei in Germany and shares an insight into taking the helm, although there was a time when it looked like he may have taken a very different course. Read More

Are You Frustrated With Your Next Generation?

Many senior generation family business members report that they’re frustrated, even disillusioned, with their potential successors. Read More

Employing Family Members In The Family Business

Employing family members should be no different to employing non-family but there are some areas to avoid when employing family members in the family firm to reduce the risk of conflicts later on. Read More

Empowering Women & Achieving Change

Caroline Lubbers is unusual in that she comes from a family business on both sides - and it's both sides that inspire her in business too. Read More

Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Read More