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Difficult Conversations For Management

The hidden pressures that can make managing family businesses a challenge Full Article

Managing Growth Of The Family Firm

Embarking on any business venture can be uncertain and the same can certainly be said for family businesses. Full Article

Competitive Strengths Of Family Businesses

Recent research reveals the aspects of family business that provides competitive advantage in the marketplace Full Article

Employing Family Members In The Family Business

Employing family members should be no different to employing non-family but there are some areas to avoid when employing family members in the family ... Full Article


Not only does management involve the day-to-day operations, there is also need to consider the relationship of the business with the family and to build the necessary frameworks to enable management to operate effectively.

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Laying Down Boundaries For Family Firms

Address four key areas for a more secure family business future. Full Article

Key Challenges

Managing The Growing Shareholder Base

The increasing number of shareholders over time creates a challenge. Full Article

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