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Filling Big Shoes

Just getting to the decision of succession can be a trying one and fraught with difficulty, especially when dealing with Mum and Dad. Full Article

Keep It In The Family With Succession Planning

No modern advisory firm can afford to ignore the opportunities presented by advising family businesses. Full Article

Australian Family Businesses - Succession Tipping Point...

Can Australian family businesses learn from their Asian counterparts when it comes to Transition? Full Article

Asian Family Business - Stewards Or Inheritors?

The different belief systems and practices within single Asian families and the confusion they create. Full Article


Succession is a challenge the world over and covers both the areas of management and ownership, and the transition from one generation to the next needs careful planning and consideration to minimise the potential affects.

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Daughters Taking Over The Family Firm From Dad

Looking at the issues and challenges associated with father to daughte... Full Article

Key Challenges

The Last Challenge Of Family Business

An insight into the powerful factors that affect succession & how ... Full Article

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Creating Sustainable Leadership In Family Businesses

An insight into creating a sustainable path for leadership and a successful succession. Read More

Buying Out, Not Handing On

A different take on succession at Slattery Asset Advisory & Slattery Auctions, a second generation family business based in New South Wales, Australia. Read More

Dilemmas Of Family Wealth & Succession

Business owners who manage to sell their company after a long – and some may say torturous – process will experience both financial and psychological flashpoints. Read More

Seize The Opportunity

A weak succession plan could be your demise – if you decide to hand the business over to the next generation, for example, by the time you realise they’re not fit to run the business, you may not have a business to salvage. Read More

The Generation Game Continues

Statistics show the likelihood of future generations being involved in a family business decreases with each generational layer and this can be avoided by careful succession planning, including the preparation of a family constitution. Read More

The Generation Game

Without formal succession planning, family-owned businesses run the risk of not being sustainable. Read More